Fig; native to the eastern Mediterranean and Southwest Asia is a tree or tree-qualified plant species and the fruit of this species. Figs, which are one of the indispensable food and livelihood sources of the Aegean region, are consumed in two types in the form of wet figs and dried figs. August 15’dan the average dried figs are growing and eaten in July, while the old figs begin to form after.
Figs are a useful food source in many ways, apart from their exceptional taste. Dried figs, which are very rich in fiber, are good for intestinal problems such as constipation. At the same time, thanks to the fibers it contains, sugar in Figs is easy to absorb and digest, and figs are considered a good source of sugar for diabetics. Figs, which are rich in potassium such as fiber, balance blood pressure and are good for the heart. Another benefit of figs is that it is good for the skin. For healthy skin, it is recommended to consume figs regularly. Dried figs are also very suitable in terms of calories. An average of 100 g dried figs is 250 calories, i.e. 1 figs is an average of 20 g and 50 calories. Thanks to this situation, it is an inevitable decoction for individuals who are dieting.

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